Creating the home of your dreams starts here.

When you desire a white-glove service and you’re ready to entrust your home to a team of design professionals, full service is just what you need.


With full-service design, we handle everything from the big picture - helping you create the perfect palette and selections - to the smallest details like project management, meeting with construction professionals, and ensuring everything is just right.

We start by making a dream list. You’ll bring in what you’re drawn to, what inspires you,
and an idea of how you want your home to feel. We’ll then get into the details of your
preferences and patterns, circumstances and choices so we can create an individualized design plan that fits you and your family best.


Once the grand vision is out there, the next step in the process is refinement. We gather
bids, pare down what’s not necessary, and amplify what’s most important.

During this time, you’ll see items like concept boards, space plans, and furniture plans
so you can envision what your space will be like before we move forward. Don’t worry -
you’ll be comfortable and - dare we say it - ecstatic with your new space before we ever
“break ground” on the project.

From there, we can stay on as liaison to the construction professionals of your choosing
and help you navigate through the whole process right down to the styling.

Full-service interior design will give you the polished but welcoming home you desire -
and you won’t even have to lift a finger. We take pride in serving our valued clientele
through a system we call Satisfaction by Design. We make the remodeling process
enjoyable and comfortable - starting with upfront knowledge of our standard
procedures. We’ll handle every detail, every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect:

STEP 1 - In-depth design style assessment completed online

STEP 2 - In-person consultation with the principal designer, Nikki Klugh

STEP 3 - Project evaluation, programming, and analysis

STEP 4 - Presentation of design concepts

STEP 5 - Execution of design plan, (floor plans, furnishings and material selections)

STEP 6 - Presentation of design plan

STEP 7 - Trade Day: On-site meeting with contractor(s) and requests for quotes

STEP 8 - Presentation of final design plan and budget review

STEP 9 - Construction documentation

STEP 10 - Placement of orders and delivery lead time assessment

STEP 11 - Initiation of construction and renovation

STEP 12 - Furniture installation and styling

STEP 13 - Client reveal

STEP 14 - Post evaluation

STEP 15 - Resolving punch list and presentation of final invoice

STEP 16 - Photography and closure meeting

If you’re ready to transform your house into the home of your dreams, but you don’t
want to spend months of your life figuring it out, this is perfect for you.