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Janna Walldinger, 

Owner of Art and Clarity Photography

Nikki, you are a miracle worker! You have transformed the rooms in our home giving them a new look and feel that adds beauty, order and an uplifting sense of well being. We love how you’ve created cozy elegant rooms to celebrate, have professional meetings as well as relax with a cup of tea. Thank you for the beauty you create and the commitment you have for your clients!


Jane Booth,

Director of Sales at Globalization Partners

I first started working with Nikki Klugh on a master bath remodel. Nikki first did a lengthy interview to get to know our lifestyle, how we viewed our home, what styles we liked/didn’t like and what we wanted for the future. I was very impressed that she was able to tune in to the essence of what I was looking for on all these projects based on that discussion. In particular, she caught the European contemporary look in materials/ideas that were 95% perfect from the outset and then we tweaked the final 5%.

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Jenenne Macklin,

Owner of Consciously Creating Your Life

We hired NKDG to prepare for a women’s retreat. We
 specifically wanted to create a luxurious atmosphere of warmth, pampering
, and comfort. On her initial visit, Nikki went through an interview and we created a plan
 for manifesting our goal. At that same time, Nikki began to move the 
furniture to create the vision. It’s amazing what the strategic placement 
of chairs, couches, and a love seat can do to a room. We immediately felt 
the shift in our living room and family room.

 Next, she matched the color selection of paint and wallpaper that brought 
all the colors together. It was amazing to watch her skill, talent, and
 ability to make a subtle distinction in colors and even offer 
assistance to me over the phone.