Our clients are busy professionals and families who understand the value and impact of

great interior design. We serve them by providing everything from design conception to

project completion and everything in between!


Possibilities - Design Consultation 

A whirlwind of inspiration with all of the best ideas for your space. Professional

resources and direction to get your project started the right way.


Peace of Mind - Room Design 

- A full design plan completely customized to meet all of your wishes and needs.

Style Made Accessible - eDesign

Room plans with all the best ideas for your space just as if we were visiting with you in


Shop with Confidence - Designer on Retainer

On-call access to our principal designer - the little extra help you need.


Luxury by Design - Full-Service Interior Design - Contact For Quote

Comprehensive plans with impeccable execution - we handle it all from start to finish.

Pacific Gates - Design Concierge

Complete design, furnishing, and project management for high rise residents ready to enjoy their new homes and vacation homes without extra long lead times.