You will find that the design process at NKDG is very different from that of your average interior design firm. We make it an essential part of our planning to get into the head and heart of our clients that live in the space. We want to understand what your goals are, what your fears are, your personality, your unique outlook on life, how you relate to one another, what senses stimulate you the most, and so much more.


As stated before, NKDG is not a cookie-cutter interior design firm. We conduct and serve you differently...on purpose! Our services help improve your life and well as that of your family. Should not your home bring peace and tranquility to you?

We aren’t simply creating a beautiful home, we are creating a space that is rejuvenating
to every occupant. We call it Sacred Spaces. We want you to not only LOVE where you
live we want it to be a place that supports you and helps you thrive!

With that in mind, every one of our clients starts with an in-depth online design style
assessment that is to be completed within a week before the initial consultation.

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